Systems for Biotech and Medtech Applications

Each of our Glucose &/or Lactate sensor needs a transmitter to send the data to a Tablet on which the Software/s to monitor/and control is/are installed.
Transmitters and Tablet with software/s are part of a Starter Kit.

CITSens MeMo Basic Version and CITSens MeMo Full Version Starter Kits allow you to measure glucose &/or lactate continuously.
CITSens MeMo Full Version can be connected to a pump (micropump for small vessels/bioreactors or a peristaltic pump) which gives you the possibility to feed your cell culture accordingly to glucose concentration in a fully automated way. It allows total new process developments with continuous feed at every glucose level without manual sampling or feeding. All sensors and electronic components can also be customized and are available as OEM solutions.

Consumables (in situ glucose &/or lactate sensors) for CITSens MeMo Basic Version and CITSens MeMo Full Version

In situ glucose and lactate sensors in different shapes for all types of bioreactors and vessels to measure glucose and lactate continuously and in real time. Together with our system CITSens MeMo Full Version the sensors offer the possibility of fully closed systems controlled by glucose level measured continuously without taking samples or manual feeding. All consumables are to be used with the systems CITSens MeMo Basic Version or CITSens MeMo Full Version. The Glucose &/or Lactate sensors can be customized and are offered as OEM products.

Ion selective electrodes, ion selective sensors and ion selective membranes

The ion selective Mini-Tube electrodes are especially designed to measure in very small sample volumes. All ion selective Mini-Tube sensors have a high resolution, a good selectivity and a long life-time. The Electrodes are for laboratory application or mobile insert. C-CIT Sensors AG produces on your desire ion selective membranes and cocktails for different ions and applications. This is how you receive optimal adapted membrane compounding for your process from the specialist for ion selective sensors. With this membranes and cocktails you are able to build up your own ion selective sensors. The ion selective membranes can be used to build in the electrode body UniISE MT050. The membranes together with the electrode body are ideal tools for the development of own ion selective electrodes and sensors.