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C-CIT Sensors AG is the innovative sensor specialist for biotechnology, research, environment and frying oil.


Sep 2016

C-CIT Sensors to Exhibit Poster at BioProcess International Conference

C-CIT Sensors will exhibit poster on continuous in-situ metabolic cell culture monitoring at BioProcess International which will take place in Boston from 4-7 October, 2016.


Jul 2016

C-CIT Sensors to attend Biointerfaces

C-CIT Sensors will participate at Biointerfaces to be held in Zurich from 23-25 August, 2016.

Jun 2016

C-CIT Sensors at SSCN (Swiss Stem Cell Network) Annual Meeting

Meet us at the SSCN, the Swiss Stem Cell Network Annual Meeting in Fribourg, 29 June 2016 and learn about CITSens Bio, our in-situ metabolic monitoring tool for cell cultures.

Jun 2016

Cell cultures in T-Flasks don’t have to be black box experiments anymore

Meet us at Stem Cell Lugano, Poster P17 and learn how CITSens Bio – a single use sensor system working in-situ and in real-time – brings value to your cell culture experiments.

Apr 2016

C-CIT Sensors Ion-selective Electrodes being part of “Soil Movement” Exhibition

Soil Movement, Amsterdam and Dusseldorf

Mar 2016

Meet us at 3D Cell Culture (Freiburg, Germany, 19-21 April 2016)

C-CIT Sensors will exhibit at the DECHEMA Conference on 3D Cell Culture Technologies to be held in Freiburg i.B. from 19-21 April 2016.
Come to our booth and learn about the News around our in-situ, real-time, wireless glucose sensing technology http://www.dechema.de/3DCC2016.html

Dec 2015

Disturbance-free, Smart Monitoring of Cell Culture Growth


In a fruitful cooperation with the tissue engineering lab of Prof. Ursula Graf-Hausner at ZHAW, the Zurich University of Applied Sciences the use of CITSens Bio as a smart cell culture monitoring tool was demonstrated. «smart cell culture monitoring»: analyze the cells’ total environment, in-situ and deliver realtime information on what is going on instead of measuring processed samples offline in distance to the point of sampling.
CITSens Bio is your cells «eyes and ears» allowing you to determine the right time for intervening with your culture, be it for harvest, splitting, media change, induction of differentiation and more.


Dec 2015

eurostars (EUREKA) approves single use sensor development project