We offer ion selective sensors, bio sensors or gas sensors

C-CIT Sensors AG has many years of experience and well-founded specialist knowledge in the development and application of chemical sensors and bio sensors. With our innovative analysis procedures we can determine specific analytes in biotechnology, medtech and food technology. Our aim is to develop more sensor information systems for your laboratory or as OEM-sensors which will enable user-friendly and precise measurements in research and industry in the future.

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On the pages of C-CIT Sensors AG you find products and information regarding the fields biotech, lab / R&D, environment and food industry. Please note the explications of products, product groups and applications. Should you however have questions concerning details of products and applications, please contact us through the contact form.

Product groups & detailed information

CITSens Bio – Bio sensors and the suitable equipment
CITSens Ion
– Ion selective sensor and the suitable equipment
CAPSens 5000
– Food-oil sensor