Glucose data integration into EVE from INFORS HT

Successful combination of CITSens Bio in situ glucose sensor with EVE process control system from INFORS HT at a customer site.
Our PG13.5 glucose sensor is mounted into an Infors bioreactor. The sensor measures and transfers the glucose values to our system continuously and in real time. The data are transferred into EVE database and you can visualize the glucose data in the EVE software and use them to control pumps for automated feedings based on the glucose concentration.
The customer’s comment about the use of the combination:
“I set up the transition with a glucose level. Changed the value for each transition and the pump speed to increase the feed.
Thanks to a close collaboration between C-Cit and Infors, the C-Cit glucose online measurement probe is fully integrated to the EVE software to control the feed automatically in the bioreactor all along the fermentation. We are getting on step closer from the full automated process!
I love it!”