CITSens APC, automated process control
CITSens Bio APC and CITSens MeMo APC
  • Continuous in-situ measurement of glucose and/or lactate
  • Process control by direct connection of a pump to the system for media feed based on glucose
  • Full process control without sampling and manual feed
  • Connectivity to third party systems:
    • EVE® Process Control Software of Infors HT
    • Connectivity to ODBC for database exchange and OPC servers


CITSens Bio APC and CITSens MeMo APC are the first process control systems based on continuous in-situ Glucose and/or Lactate monitoring.
Our systems make cell line selection easy and fast, allow optimized media & process development and improve science. Thanks to our CITSens APC you will be able to control your cell culture process remotely and to reach higher product yields. The system measures glucose continuously and gives a feedback to a pump connected to the system for automated media feed. Data can be integrated in all kind of process control systems. The glucose and lactate sensors are suitable for all kind of reactors, shake flasks and other single-use vessels

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To be used with the disposable glucose and lactate sensors of C-CIT Sensors AG

Consumables, in-situ glucose and lactate sensors, to be used with CITSens APC