CITSens MeMo USB, the wired solution
  • Continuous in-situ measurement of glucose and lactate
  • One sensor, one electronic, two analytes
  • USB communication


CITSens MeMo USB is a standalone measuring module to be used with our CITSens MeMo system. The USB wired Board supports 2 channels read out that allows measuring e.g. glucose & lactate in parallel and simultaneously and is compatible with all the sensors in the portfolio. Due to its modular design the USB wired Board supports amperometric as well as potentiometric measurements which allows to read out our glucose & lactate sensors as well as pH & NH4+ sensors. The board comes with a USB and sensor cable, allowing easy connection of our sensor to the board. You can connect and control up to 12 vessels in parallel. Measuring takes place at a 5 seconds interval, allowing not only monitoring but also control of glucose in a narrow concentration range.

USB wired Board can also be used for direct integration purposes. The USB wired Board can be connected to any computer supporting virtual COM Port connected by USB or RS232.

More information on CITSens MeMo

To be used with the disposable glucose and lactate sensors of C-CIT Sensors AG

Consumables/in situ glucose a&/or lactate sensors, to be used with CITSens MeMo USB