CapSensor with glucose sensor for in-situ glucose measurement in different disposable bioreactors for biotechnology
Glucose &/or Lactate CapSensors

Our CapSensors for all different kinds of disposable flasks and vessels allow you to monitor glucose and lactate in-situ and in real time. The CapSensors are made of USP VI certified material and are gamma sterilized. Connected to our system CITSens MeMo Full Version and a micropump the CapSensors can be used for media feed and fed batch processes in smallest vessels. The sensors allows monitoring of adherent cell cultures in-situ and in real time and are designed for use in closed incubators and can be used for up to three weeks without re-calibration.

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To be used with our systems CITSens MeMo Basic Version and CITSens MeMo Full Version

Systems to connect our in situ glucose &/or lactate sensors