CITSens MeMo system for in-situ glucose and lactate measurement and process control in biotechnology
CITSens MeMo Bluetooth
  • Continuous in-situ measurement of glucose and lactate
  • One sensor, one electronic, two analytes
  • Bluetooth communication


CITSens MeMo, monitoring and process control system with in-situ Glucose and Lactate sensors. It is made for in-situ monitoring of Glucose and Lactate with one sensor and can be used to control processes by metabolites. It makes Cell line selection easy and fast, allows optimized media & process development and improves science. The system increases yield of product and gives you remote control of your cell culture process. Data can be integrated in all kinds of process control systems. To the system CITSens MeMo a pump can be connected directly to do media feed. The glucose and lactate sensors are suitable for all kinds of reactors, shake flasks and other single-use vessels.

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To be used with the disposable glucose and lactate sensors of C-CIT Sensors AG

Consumables, in-situ glucose and lactate sensors, to be used with CITSens Bio