In-situ sensors for metabolic monitoring in vaccine production

A novel in-situ glucose sensor unmasks the real specific metabolic quotient for glucose, in anthrax vaccine fermentation
The search for an online glucose sensor, which ideally should be accurate, robust, economical and have a minimal footprint is of importance. This is especially true for the future of biopharmaceuticals, as more regulatory authorities adopt the Quality by Design (QbD) concept then a higher penalty will be placed on process deviations.

TEDD Annual Meeting 8-9 November 2017

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We’re exhibiting at the TEDD Annual Meeting to be held on the ZHAW Grüental Campus in Wädenswil (Zürich, Switzerland) from 8-9 November 2017. You are invited to learn about the benefits of using single-use sensors for the in-situ metabolic monitoring of cell- and tissue cultures.

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