Flow Cells for low or high Glucose and Lactate sensors
Flow Cell with Glucose Sensor

The Flow Through Cell is the best choice for long therm monitoring in tube based reactor systems or any perfusion based bioprocesses. Designed with a flat bottom without dead volumes, it allows the culture medium to pass through the cell and avoids any cell aggregation in or around the sensor. The Flow Cell housing and coverage is made of USP VI certified material and the Flow Cell is gamma sterilized. Connected to our systems CITSens Bio or CITSens MeMo and a pump the Flow Cell can be used for media feed. It can be connected either by Luerlock or weldable tubing and can also be ordered as pre-assambled system with a micro pump.

More details on the Flow Cell

To be used with our systems CITSens Bio or CITSens MeMo

Systems to connect our flow cell with glucose and lactate sensors